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The Signature Facial 
We call this the 90-minute spa day.  It's a power-packed, bliss-inducing break from everyday life with all the bells and whistles of our Zen Glow Facial PLUS a customized 30-minute back massage. 
This is the whole spa-"chill"ada!  
90 min. $95
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For the Face...

Zen Glow Facial 

This classic facial will hydrate and renew your complexion with highly potent anti-oxidants and peptides, but more importantly, it will help you relax and de-stress. Includes a Zen-Inducing foot massage, always a Bloom client fave! This is your go-to for relaxation.  60 min.  $75



Bloom Custom Facial

This facial can address just about any skincare need you might have.  After our consultation, we build a facial that is perfect for you.  This can include microdermabrasion, enzymes, LED light, microcurrent or any other number of treatment options we have available.   This is your go-to for addressing aging skin.  60-90 min.  $95

Dramatically Deep Clean Facial

This facial is focused on deep cleansing the skin and removing impurities.  Includes exfoliation, hydration and extractions.  60 min.  $75

Seriously Sensitive Skin Facial

We calm and hydrate skin that's either simply sensitive or sensitized from harsh weather or other external elements. If your skin is red, irritated or feels super dehydrated, this is the facial for you.  Features Hale and Hush skincare.  60 min.  $75

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For the Body...

Hungarian Mud Back Facial

Includes a gentle cleanse, sugar scrub and warm Hungarian mud mask, which is said to ease muscle aches and pain.  Includes foot and leg massage as well as extractions on the back, if needed.  We top it off with back massage to ease away stress and tension. 60 min.  $75

Hydrating Back Facial

This is the same service as the Hungarian Mud Back facial, but we use Biotone's Hydrating Body Wrap to hydrate and make the skin happy instead of the mud!   60 min.  $75

Hydrating Body Wrap

Prepare yourself for pure hydration bliss.  We gently dry-exfoliate the body, then apply a hydrating emulsion and wrap the body in warm bliss.  Red LED for the face and a relaxing facial massage make this a total skin and body treat.  Perfect for dry Colorado skin.  60+ min.  $85

Check out our Add-Ons when you book your service!!

For Rejuvenation...

Microneedling (Moderate)

Moderate Microneedling is a gentle process where we create shallow micro punctures in the skin to infuse bone marrow stem cell proteins for the rejuvenation of the skin.  Generally, we progress to the slightly more aggressive microneedling after acclimating to the gentler treatments. 



We use our Procell microneedle device for deeper microneedling in conjunction with the application of bone marrow stem cell proteins to rejuvenate the skin for better results. Includes numbing cream prep.


Bloom Chemical Peel Series

The Bloom Chemical Peel Series addresses fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation to improve skin tone and texture.   Peels are performed weekly for three weeks and then the last peel is done 4 weeks later for a total of 4 progressive peels.   A one week pre-conditioning period is required and the skincare products are included in the price of the series (which makes this a super screamin' deal).  Must pre-order skincare prior to your first peel.





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